Painting faces is endlessly exciting to me. Not only do I get to be witness to the beauty in the person before me, but quite often the portrait work I am doing turns into a family heirloom which will last for generations to come.

In the last 2 years, I’ve had 2 major exhibitions of portrait art at the Cherry Street Pier where I have been a resident artist since October 2018. In 2019, I painted 59 portraits of friends, strangers, and even one of myself, for the Pizza Box Portrait project. In 2021, I displayed 123 self-portraits in a self-portrait retrospective, Fat Man, Smiling: 40 years of selfies, which poked fun at the stoic face I often present in self-portraits, quite distinct from a smiling face.

As Covid recedes, I am starting once again to accept portrait commissions. I don’t paint from photos. I do paint from life which means I sit with you or your loved one, and paint you, face-to-face. The Pizza Box Portrait gallery will give you some idea of the result of a 2-hour portrait session when I’m painting a new face for the first time.

I’ll paint anyone (or group) who can sit relatively still and enjoy a conversation, either at your home, place of business, or at my studio at the Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia, PA.

To schedule a FaceTime portrait commission consultation, call 917-687-8120. Pizza box portraits (one sitter, 18” x 18”) cost $1,000 + tax. Larger portrait commissions start at $2,500. Travel and accommodations beyond a 60-mile radius of Philadelphia will incur additional costs.